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friends and security

Cleaning these FAQs up significantly so they make a bit more sense to someone trying to do one of these tasks (the grouping of the information doesn't make much sense from a user standpoint.)

FAQ61 | What is LiveJournal's Friends system? How do I use it?
-- is now "What are Friends? How do I add a user to my Friends list?"
-- contains info on managing your friends list and how it displays on your profile
-- pared down the "lots of site features let you set them to Friends-only"

FAQ219 | How do I know when my friends have posted new entries?
-- is now "Where can I read the entries my Friends post? What is a Friends page?"
-- clarified the "1000 or 2 weeks" wording a bit
-- took out the bit about filtering to "news", too nuanced a case here

FAQ102 | What are custom friends groups? How do I use them?
-- is now "What are custom friends groups? How do I set them up?"
-- only contains info on setting/managing groups, and links to other FAQs for more info
-- took out the "you can use groups to filter people who can use certain features"

FAQ24 | "How do I control who can read my journal entries? What are security settings?"
-- is now "How do I control who can read my journal entries?"
-- simplified "who sees what" into the summary
-- simplified the "how styles depict these levels" section
-- trimmed down the gigantic "what happens if the checkboxes don't display/enable JS" para
-- took out the "how to make your journal FO" and replaced with a link to FAQ120
-- trimmed down the giant "there are other ways to post!" para
-- took out the bit about counters, do people really look in this FAQ for that?

Comments, wording tweaks, whatever: please comment! Hopefully this organization makes much more sense than the way it was previously. (And I've got local copies of the old versions, just in case.)
Tags: cat-security, faq102, faq219, faq24, faq61, status-resolved

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