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Okay, for realz this time.

FAQ246 | What is ScrapBook? How do I use it?
-- Renamed to "How do I upload images and video to my ScrapBook?"
-- Focus is more on "uploading and its limitations" here.
-- Changed "File types" to "Limitations"
-- Took out the "activate SB" -- I don't know if it still works that way
-- General rearranging
-- Local copy etc etc.

FAQ254 | How do I upload a ScrapBook picture and add it to my LiveJournal?
-- Renamed to "How post pictures from my ScrapBook to my journal?"
-- tightened up the wording of the automatic posting bit.
-- tightened up the URLs portion, actually, since it was also a pit.
-- Eyeballs and suggestions for more tweakage would be appreciated!

FAQ255 | How do I control who can see my ScrapBook pictures?
-- Put the actual @#$ security information in the summary.
-- gutted out the giant "how to create groups in SB" para and replaced it with a simple link
-- tightened up the gallery security section

FAQ256 | How do I customize the appearance of my ScrapBook gallery?
-- Put the "changing default style" thing into the summary, since that's the most important bit
-- took out a lot of the "step by step hand holding how to create/delete a style" since the UI for this is pretty intuitive, cleaned up the instructions
-- local etc etc

... Tomorrow: the last three in this category. :P
Tags: cat-scrapbook, faq246, faq254, faq255, faq256, status-resolved

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