Abe Hassan (burr86) wrote in lj_userdoc,
Abe Hassan

the last of the scrapbook FAQs

FAQ252 | How do I edit my Scrapbook images or adjust thumbnail focus?
-- Renamed to "How do I edit and manage my ScrapBook images?"
-- pared down a lot of the unnecessary text
-- turned it into a bulletted list
-- took out the "here's the way to navigate through gallery mgmt to get to a picture", since most people actually have their galleries linked (and if they're not, then they probably know what they doing)

FAQ257 | What are galleries? How do I change the gallery settings on my pictures?
-- This FAQ was four page-downs long. My God.
-- Renamed to: "What are galleries? How do I create and manage my galleries?"
-- rearranged all the information, cut down on extra text

FAQ276 | Why doesn't my gallery appear where it should?
-- Bulletized the list
-- Changed instances of "index page" (too techy) to "your ScrapBook" or "main page of your ScrapBook"

Entire Category:
-- Reordered FAQs
Tags: cat-scrapbook, faq252, faq257, faq276, status-resolved

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