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Proposed FAQ - How do I make a custom style?

My goals in creating a style creation FAQ are:
  1. To provide a more intuitive location for users to learn how to create a custom style. (Currently only the section labeled "Developer" has information on creating styles, this is not intuitive and most people do not think to go there for learning how to create a custom style.)
  2. To provide some basic information on who can create a custom style.
  3. To provide some basic information on what kinds of templates can be created.
  4. To provide information on the importance of renaming a new style.

The goal of the FAQ is for the user to come away from it with the following skills:
  1. The knowledge that only paid accounts can create custom styles.
  2. The ability to create a blank style or a style based on an existing one.
  3. The knowledge that they must rename their new style.
  4. The ability to rename a style.
  5. The ability to find more information on creating styles. (This is where the user will be directed to the Developer section.)

How do I make a custom style?

Only paid accounts can create custom styles. If you do not have a paid account and would like to create your own style you will first need to get a paid account. (

If you are a free user and are interested in modifying the look of your journal, please see:

In order to make a custom style you will need to first create a style to work from ( You can either create a blank style or base your style off an existing template Once you have done this you will then need to edit your style ( to your liking.

Whether you create a blank style or base your new style on an existing template, the default name for a new style is --new.

You will need to change the name of your new style if you would like to create additional styles for that view. Unless you change the name of the style from the default name, you will be unable to create new styles. The style creation page will not overwrite an existing style.

You can change the name of your style on the edit style page (, under style description. You will need to save your style for the change to take effect.

For more information on how the style creation system works and how to use it:

For more information on the view types you can create styles for:

For more information on the variables used to create styles:

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