shiny happy glowy (afuna) wrote in lj_userdoc,
shiny happy glowy

Inconsistent < in ban_set instructions

FAQ 84: How do I remove, ban, or unban a user from my community? has these instructions:

"Ban a user through the Admin Console or when deleting a comment. Do not enter the < or > symbols; these are only for reference purposes. Replace <community> and <user> with the username of the community and the username of the user, respectively."

However, the examples themselves don't have the angled brackets, e.g.

"ban_set: Ban a user from your community with the ban_set command:

ban_set user from community"

Minor difference, but potentially confusing. Checked the related FAQ for personal journals, and it doesn't have this problem.
Tags: cat-community, faq84, status-resolved

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