Abe Hassan (burr86) wrote in lj_userdoc,
Abe Hassan

link checking

Over the last few months, we've rearranged a bunch of the FAQs and hidden others. I realized that some FAQs might still link to the wrong place (like, a reference to loyalty userpics linking to FAQ 261 instead of 46). And going through every FAQ by hand is a pain to do all by myself, so I wanted to split up the work if possible.

about           by     5
abuse           by    10
accounts        by    13
basic           by     1
clients         by     5
comm-manage     by    11
comments        by     9
community       by    11
customize       by    13
entries         by    17
ext_sites       by     4
levels          by     8
payments        by     8
premium         by    14
s1              by     8
s2              by     9
scrapbook       by     7
security        by     9
site_nav        by    15
syn             by     5
troubleshooting by    17
userpics        by     9

So here are all our FAQ categories and how many FAQs are in each. If you want -- comment here and claim one, go through all the FAQs in that category and make sure their links all link to the right place. If they do, comment and let me know; if they don't, also comment and let me know, and I'll fix 'em. :)


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