Tango, The Wild Dream (rebelsheart) wrote in lj_userdoc,
Tango, The Wild Dream

New FAQ Proposal: How do I change the placement of advertisements on my journal?

There are currently no FAQs addressing this increasingly common question. That being said, this is a proposal:

How do I change the placement of advertisements on my journal?

Plus account users can change their preferences for how advertisements appear on their journal from the Ad Settings Page under the heading Ad Layout. This option is only available for those using S2 styles. Due to the limitations of the S1 system, it is not possible to change the placement of advertisements on a journal using an S1 style.

The double reference to FAQ168 is intentional. I expect most people reading the FAQ will wonder "What is S2?" or "What is S1?" and it would not occur to them to click on a link that says S2 to learn what S1 is.
Tags: cat-levels, faq266, status-resolved

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