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FAQ268 | embed media

So with the new media embedding, no need to list off whitelisted sources. So I rewrote FAQ268 accordingly, and incorporated aveleh's placeholder suggestions. Eyeballs and comments more than welcome, old text preserved behind the cut.

You can add videos and other media from certain sites to your entries by entering HTML code provided by those services. (In some cases, you can also use the Rich Text editor to embed media in your entries.) Entries with embedded videos include a player for others to watch your video. Your video will not play automatically, people must choose to begin watching it instead.

In the HTML editor, enter the HTML code provided by these sites to embed a player into your entry. In the Rich Text editor, you can also embed media from sites marked with an asterisk (*) by clicking the LiveJournal Video button () and entering the URL of your video; you do not need to enter the embedding HTML code.
  • 1DAWG: On the video clip pages, copy the code in the "Embed" section to the right.
  • AddictingClips: On the video page, copy the code under "Embed this clip"
  • * blufr.com: Add blufs from blufr.com to your entries using either the random blufr HTML code, or click the "embed this bluf" link to embed a particular bluf.
  • Break.com: Click on Embed&Blog on the right of the video clip and copy the code under "Embeddable Player"
  • Comedy Central: Look for the "Embed" link in the video clip box. Choose the second code option for "Other Sites"
  • deviantART: On the photo, art details page, copy the code under "Embed"
  • GoFish: On the video clip pages, click "Embed", and then copy the code under "Embed This Video"
  • * Google Video: This code can be found by clicking the "Blog" link, followed by the "Embed HTML" link
  • iFilm:: This code is labeled as the "Embed" field.
  • IMEEM: create music, video, and photo playlists. On the clip pages, copy the code under "Embed in your MySpace, Blog, Website, etc
  • * MyHeavy: This code can be found by clicking the "steal it" option, followed by the "Embed" option.
  • * Photobucket: This code is labeled as "HTML" code
  • Pickle: photos or videos. On the clip/photo pages, copy the code under "Embed Link"
  • Revver: Click "Grab Code" under "Share this video with others"
  • Singshot: This code is labeled as the "Embed" field on the video pages.
  • Slide: When creating a slide show, an embed code for LiveJournal is available in a tab on the last page.
  • Sonific: When creating a new music player for a particular songspot, select "LiveJournal" under "Target Website" and click "Activate".
  • StyleFeeder: Grab the code for a static or animated widget from the "Get the Stylefeeder Widget" link on the home page.
  • Vimeo: Click on Embed beneath the video and copy the code below "Embed this clip in MySpace or your blog"
  • Webshots (CNET): For photos, find the code in the "Link to this Picture" section under "Post in your blog or website". For videos, find the code in the "Link to this Video" section, under "embed in your blog, website, or MySpace".
  • * YouTube: This code is labeled as "Embed" code.


  • Rich Text Editor: If your video fails to load or loads incorrectly with the Rich Text editor, you will need to switch to the HTML editor and enter the embedding HTML code manually.
  • Video Doesn't Load: If the video does not load in your entry, edit your entry to correct the video's URL.
  • Invalid URL: If your entry appears with the error message Invalid url, your media does not use one of the supported services; either upload the media to a supported site or add a text link to it. If you are a representative of a video provider, contact webmaster@livejournal.com to add LiveJournal support for your site.
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