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Changes to FAQ#14 to reflect changes to FAQ#268

FAQ#14 tells users that there's no javascript and no flash allowed, except for whitelisted providers. We no longer have whitelisted providers - any embedable media is allowed, but only in entries. (And possibly comments, but written with the assumption that it's entries only.)

Why can't I use HTML embedding tags, JavaScript, or Flash on LiveJournal?

In general, you cannot use scripting languages (such as JavaScript) or HTML to embed objects (such as Flash) on LiveJournal. Because this code could pose a security risk to other users, it is stripped from your custom styles, overrides, entries, comments, and user bio before they are sent to a web browser. However, you can embed videos and media in an entry.

Scripting Languages

Scripting languages can be used to retrieve other users' browser cookies, which can compromise the account security for any user who views the page. Developers have investigated alternate ways of allowing these languages, but haven't found a way to allow "safe" scripts while blocking those that create security risks.

Embedding Tags

LiveJournal prohibits several HTML tags: <iframe>, <embed>, <object>, and some attributes of the <div> tag. Due to these restrictions, you can only embed music, videos, or other active content into entries, and they must be placed using an approved method.
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