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Clean-up to FAQ 40

FAQ 40 (omg my page is displaying wrong *flail*) needs a few changes, especially now that there's been a change to the way the HTML cleaner deals with tables.

I don't know that we want to remove the CDOOO section entirely, since there could be reasons why the page displays out of order, even though I can't think of any offhand. But.

=Content Displaying Out of Order=

Entries or comments can display out of order if an entry or comment on the page contains incorrectly written HTML, which may be from quizzes or other external content pasted into a journal comment/entry. Malformed HTML frequently has a severe effect on journal layout, and may cause older entries (especially those that follow the entry containing incorrect HTML) to display in the wrong place, such as the top of the page, or not to display at all.

To avoid these issues:

* Use a <lj-cut> tag when posting quizzes;
* Make sure all opening tags have a corresponding closing tag;
* Make sure closing tags occur in the correct order.

The comments/entries that appear at the top of the page are not the ones that are causing the problem. However, there are two ways to find the problem comment/entry.

If there is a comment link at the top of the page that is not attached to an entry, possibly displaying along with a current mood or with tags, these belong to the problem entry. Clicking on the comment link will take you to the "Read Comments" page of the entry that is causing the problem.

You can also determine the problem entry based on which entry appears at the top of the page, since this is almost always the entry immediately following the problem entry. Make a note of which comment/entry is on top, and then disable HTML by adding ?nohtml=1 to the end of the URL, or &nohtml=1, if there is already a ? in the URL. (For example, you can view your Friends page without HTML by going to http://isabeau.livejournal.com/friends?nohtml=1). Find the comment/entry that had been at the top of the page; the comment/entry immediately above this one is most likely the entry that is causing the problem.


Also, given the wording of the FAQ title ("display incorrectly"), it might be worth adding two things to the Style Customizations section --

* S1 Overrides with Plus Accounts: There are some overrides in the S1 style system that can work correctly at the Basic or Paid account levels, but will not work as intended at the Plus account level. The Plus account level adds additional HTML structure for the ads, and so some customizations -- particularly ones that involve changing the width of the journal, and ones that involve hiding some elements of the journal style -- will interact badly with this additional structure. You will need to edit or remove your overrides, or [link]switch away from Plus status[/link] so that your journal displays without ads.
* Videos and Other Embedded Content: If videos are not showing up, and you are using custom S2 code, you may need to change the code as explained in [the s2howto tutorial that I'm too lazy to look up *G*]

(The second one is a bit more iffy for inclusion, since (a) it's not written all that well and (b) it's more "things not showing up" than "things showing up wrong", but the first one's probably worth throwing in.)

...and while I'm looking at that section, why does the "multiple problems" of the S2 customization bit link to FAQ 170, which has nothing to do with customization problems?
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