a cat named Tempest (isabeau) wrote in lj_userdoc,
a cat named Tempest

FAQ 134

FAQ 134 (screening and other methods of keeping mosquitos out) should probably mention that screening does not apply to the user who posted the entry, or (for comms) the maintainer(s) of the community.

I'm not sure whether this would be best as a separate bullet point (eg:

* Exceptions Regardless of comment screening options, any comment made by the user who posted the entry (and, if the entry was made in a community, the [link]maintainer(s) of the community[/link]) will not be screened. They can [link]manually screen[/link] the comment afterwards

or something like that), or whether it would be best as an addendum to existing points --possibly in the Screening section (e.g. "Comments made by these people wil not be screened"), or... what.

Also, is it worth noting somewhere in there that replies to screened comments can only be made by poster/maints? that while you are able to see, and delete, your own screened comment, assuming it wasn't made anonymously, you can't reply to it unless you fit into the category of People Who Can Unscreen. This would possibly work as an addendum to the Screening section, especially if the exception bit is separate rather than in screening, or possibly as a separate bullet point, eg:

* Replies The person who posted the entry (and, if comm, blah blah fruitcakes) can reply to screened comments; this will unscreen the comment being replied to, so that both the new and old comments will be unscreened. Although other users can view or delete their own screened comments, they cannot reply directly to them.

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