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FAQ40 rewrite. Basically rewrote this nearly from scratch, cutting out some of the "hey this affected one user so let's put it in the FAQ" bulk.


Why does my journal or Friends page suddenly display incorrectly or require me to scroll?

This display problem usually happens when you or someone on your Friends list posts an entry, comment, or User Bio with malformed HTML or large images. It can also happen if your style customizations are incorrect. You may also be encountering an irreparable invalid markup in entry error.

The content in this problem section or customization has two main effects:
  • The LiveJournal page displays wider than your browser window; you need to scroll sideways to read the page.
  • The LiveJournal page displays out of order; old entries or comments are at the top of the page and newer entries and comments are below them.

Wide Content Causing Horizontal Scrolling

Horizontal scrolling occurs when content is wider than your browser window. This wide content includes:
  • large images;
  • long strings of text without spaces;
  • a poll with a large text entry box;
  • an HTML table with a fixed width;
  • or HTML instructing the browser not to wrap a paragraph onto a new line.

To avoid these issues:
  • Use a <lj-cut> tag when posting large images or other wide content;
  • Shorten long text by occasionally entering a space in any long strings of text or using HTML link tags instead of long URLs;
  • Limit the size of any picture, HTML table, or fonts;
  • Limit your poll's text entry boxes to a smaller size. You will still be able to enter the same amount of text in a smaller box; the amount of text entered is controlled by the "maxlength" property of the text box, which can be up to 255 characters.

Style Customizations

  • S1 Overrides: Incorrect overrides in the S1 style system can also cause horizontal scrolling or incorrect journal display. If your overrides affect the width of your journal, make sure you are using the correct overrides for your style. Also, add the width of the journal, left, and right margins. If this number is more than 100%, make one of those numbers for widths smaller. If you continue to have problems with overrides, you may need to consult the FAQ on troubleshooting overrides for further information.
  • S2 Customization: Incorrect S2 customization can cause multiple problems.

Content Displaying Out of Order

Entries or comments can display out of order if an entry or comment on the page contains incorrectly written HTML. This HTML may be in a table or from quizzes or other external content pasted into a journal comment/entry. Malformed HTML frequently has a severe effect on journal layout, and may cause other entries (especially those that follow the entry containing incorrect HTML) to display in the wrong place, such as the top of the page, or not to display at all.

To avoid these issues:
  • Use a <lj-cut> tag when posting quizzes or HTML tables;
  • Make sure all opening tags (especially table tags) have a corresponding closing tag;
  • Make sure closing tags (especially table tags) occur in the correct order.
The comments/entries that appear at the top of the page are not the ones that are causing the problem. However, there are two ways to find the problem comment/entry.

If there is a comment link at the top of the page that is not attached to an entry, a comment link with a current mood, or a comment link with tags, these belong to the problem entry. Clicking on the comment link will take you to the "Read Comments" page of the entry that is causing the problem.

You can also determine the problem entry based on which comment/entry appears at the top of the page. The comment/entry at the top of the page is almost always the comment/entry immediately following the problem comment/entry. Make a note of which comment/entry is on top, and then disable HTML by adding ?nohtml=1 to the end of the URL, or &nohtml=1, if there is already a ? in the URL. (For example, you can view your Friends page without HTML by going to [[journalurl]]/friends?nohtml=1). Find the comment/entry that had been at the top of the page; the comment/entry immediately above this one is most likely the entry that is causing the problem.

Fixing a Problem Comment, Entry, or User Bio

  • If the content causing the problem is yours, you can edit it yourself to add a <lj-cut> tag, correct any HTML problems, or remove the problem content.
  • If the content is someone else's, you can ask the entry's poster to edit or delete it. You may also be able to delete a problem comment yourself.
  • If your friends post large images, enable Image Placeholders for your Friends page.
  • You can simply wait for the entry to scroll off your Friends page or change the number of entries displayed by your style. When there are enough newer entries on your Friends page, the problem entry will be pushed back to a previous page, and will no longer affect your main Friends page.
  • You can temporarily customize your style to change the number of entries displayed per page or change your style entirely, as different styles deal with questionable HTML differently.
  • You can temporarily create a custom Friends group named "Default View", placing everyone in that view but the entry's poster. This will remove the friend from your Friends page, but not from your actual Friends list.
  • You can also temporarily remove the entry's poster from your Friends list, although this means that the friend will not be able to see any of your protected entries while removed.
  • If you have recently switched to a Plus Account, you can try switching back to a Basic Account temporarily, as the advertisements may be complicating the issue.
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