Quiet! You'll miss the humorous conclusion! (raphaelcentauri) wrote in lj_userdoc,
Quiet! You'll miss the humorous conclusion!

One way or another... FAQ25 vs. FAQ199

FAQ25 contains a link to FAQ199 when a user wants to know if/how they can combine their journals together, in the "Renaming To Your Other Personal Journal" point of the "Special Cases" section, however FAQ199: "Can I link my LiveJournals together? How do I update another LiveJournal without logging out?" references the merging or combining of journals only briefly and using different language:

"...but two or more LiveJournals cannot be linked together under a single username."

...which to me seems a little disconnected and it took me about three scans (okay, so it's nearly midnight for me, but still) to even get that it might have been talking about this. Perhaps separating that out as a separate sentence first would be an idea?

Alternatively, if "linking together" isn't supposed to mean the same as "merging together" and I'm just not comprehending, then the link from FAQ25 should just be removed altogether.

Finally, is the link from FAQ25 to FAQ199 really necessary, if all it's going to tell you when you get there is the same thing again but in two or three more words?

Support gets rather a lot of "Can I merge my journals together?!" requests, mostly from people who obviously don't read the FAQs, but nevertheless this to me is slightly confusing... And of course there's the less-than-off chance that I might just be off my rocker.

Tags: cat-accounts, cat-entries, faq199, faq25, status-resolved

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