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Change to FAQ 72

This is really really minor, and I'm being nitpicky as heck in bringing it up, but.

One of the sentences in FAQ 72, under the RTE description, is as follows: "Additionally, the Rich Text editor is only available with entries, not comments or certain web browsers." This makes me twitch, because "only X, not Y or Z" sentence constructions should only work if X and Y and Z are all the same sort of thing, and while entries/comments works (they're both ways of adding content to LiveJournal, and thing what one would want to use HTML in), web browsers is not parallel.

For that matter, I'm also not entirely happy with the "Additionally" in that sentence, since it doesn't feel related to the previous thing; and I'm a touch uneasy about the "uses JavaScript to add HTML" line, but can't figure out how better to word it; and I also kind of want to throw in a "hey, use the formatting buttons!" since we don't actually answer the FAQ question.

So, maybe something like:

The [link]Rich Text editor[/link] uses JavaScript to add HTML, so you don't need to (and you shouldn't) type the code manually. In fact, HTML code in the Rich Text editor will appear as the code itself; for example, <b> will appear in your entry as <b>, and will not make later text bold. You can use the various buttons along the top of the editor to change how text displays.

The Rich Text editor is only available when writing entries, not comments, and it may not be available in all web browsers.

...or something. Can't really think/write right now, but.
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