Susan: catastrophist since 1982 (daydreamer) wrote in lj_userdoc,
Susan: catastrophist since 1982

FAQ #185: clarification of "protected" (and style question)

FAQ 185 states in part: When someone adds you to their Friends list, their Friends page shows your public entries. If you add them to your Friends list, they can see your protected entries too.

Since there are different levels of security that might be considered "protected" (Friends Only, Private, Custom), would it be appropriate to link "protected entries" to FAQ 24 or in some other (concise) way clarify the use of "protected"? Perhaps it could simply be replaced with "Friends Only".

(Also, this FAQ references "Friend Of" list, Friend of list, Friend Of list, "Friend of" list, and Friend of list. Are these all correct in their various contexts?)
Tags: cat-security, faq185, status-resolved

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