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FAQ #195

FAQ #195: How do I import my entries from another journaling site to my LiveJournal?

I know I, at least, tend to use this FAQ to answer requests where the user asks about merging two journals together, since it's the closest there is to a FAQ about importing entries from one LiveJournal to another. However, it's a little awkward to direct them to a FAQ that doesn't at first glance seem to be answering the right question; I usually include a caveat saying that although the FAQ talks about importing entries from another site to LiveJournal, it also applies to importing entries from one LiveJournal to another. Can we modify this FAQ so that it applies to importing entries both from another LiveJournal and from an external site?

I looked back and noticed that when this FAQ was first suggested/written in 2004, this idea was discussed briefly in the comments. It wasn't included at that time to avoid confusion between transferring entries from another LiveJournal account and renaming. However, I think it would actually help avoid confusion to make it clear to people that renaming does not change their account, only their username.

Here are my proposed revisions, changes in red:

How do I import my entries from another journaling site to my LiveJournal?

LiveJournal does not provide any way to simultaneously add or transfer a large number of entries from another site journal to your LiveJournal simultaneously.

It is also not possible for your entries or their comments on another site to be transferred to your LiveJournal for you, even if the other site is running LiveJournal code. There is no way for entries that have been downloaded from another LiveJournal or from a journal on another site to be uploaded to a LiveJournal.

The only way to add an external entry from another journal to your LiveJournal is to copy and paste the entry's text into the Update Journal page. When doing this, you can set the appropriate date and time for the entry by changing the values in the "Date" fields on the Update page. Adding an entry in this way will cause it to appear in your journal as though it were originally posted there on the date you specified. If you choose to do this, you may need to enable the "Date Out of Order" option; this will also prevent your friends' Friends pages from being flooded with the new entries.

If you add external While you can add entries to your journal using this method, there is no way for to add or transfer comments posted on an entry in another site journal to your LiveJournal to be added to this entry for you. You can, however, include a link to the original entry and its comments on the external site in the update.

If you want to use the above method to copy a large number of entries from another journal to your LiveJournal, you may wish to use a downloadable client to add the individual entries to your journal, which would eliminate the wait for pages to load.
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