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OpenID: FAQ 231 additions, and proposed new FAQ

Thanks to Ciaran and Tango for helping me test things, and to xnera for the information here.

I have added some things to the OpenID commenting FAQ currently in the Comments category. I started to add a list of OpenID account capabilities as well, but it really should have its own FAQ in Account Levels. Both drafts are below. For 231, the new parts are in italics.

FAQ 231 - What is OpenID commenting? How can I use it?

OpenID is a decentralized identity system. It allows you to comment on LiveJournal, or on any site supporting OpenID, without creating an account.

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If you do not have a LiveJournal account and you'd like to comment on a journal that allows OpenID comments, select "OpenID" while commenting. A box will appear for you to enter your URL. Your URL must support OpenID on its end, and you will need to be logged onto your account there. When you hit "Post Comment", your home site will ask you whether or not to provide LiveJournal with your identity. You can authorize once, or authorize permanently. Your password will never be sent to or from LiveJournal.

If your home site does not support OpenID, or you have not inserted a tag in your URL to point to an OpenID identity server, you will receive an error message.

Currently on LiveJournal, OpenID comments count as anonymous comments for the purpose of allowing comments or screening comments by default. To allow OpenID comments, a user must also set his or her account to allow anonymous comments. There is no way to allow a specific OpenID account to comment without enabling anonymous commenting. However, specific OpenID accounts can be banned from commenting when anonymous commenting is enabled.

You can also use your LiveJournal OpenID identity on other sites that support OpenID, using the URL

Using OpenID to comment automatically creates an OpenID account with some of the features of standard accounts.

The above blank link would direct to the new FAQ I am proposing here.

New FAQ in Account Levels: What is an OpenID account? How can I create and use one?

OpenID is a decentralized identity system. Using OpenID to comment on LiveJournal automatically creates an OpenID account with some of the features of standard accounts. You can log into this account either by checking the "Log in?" box when you post a comment using your OpenID identity or by using the link beside the main login form. OpenID accounts are used primarily for identification and commenting purposes. They can not post entries.

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An OpenID account has a username of the form ext-number. Its profile is located at, and its Friends page is located at An LJ user tag for an OpenID account will link to its profile on LiveJournal and to its identity page on an external site, since the account does not have a journal on LiveJournal.

With an OpenID account, you can:

An OpenID account can not join or post entries in communities. It is not possible to merge an OpenID account with a standard account, or to use OpenID authentication to log in to a standard account. There is no way to purchase paid time for or otherwise upgrade an OpenID account.
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