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Because my dreams are bursting at the seams...

LJ Talk FAQ Modifications

Wow, two userdoc posts in one day from me? Shocking.

FAQ 271:  What is Gizmo Project for LJ Talk? How do I use it?

Because Gizmo Project for LJ Talk is no longer officially supported, according to Abe, this FAQ should probably be removed completely. The information can be condensed, summarized, and, where necessary, routed over to the Gizmo Project page at /chat/download. Because GP doesn't support Vista, which is going to be predominantly on machines in the next several years, I don't see why a FAQ should be dedicated to this if people are going to need to find alternative Jabber protocol clients to work with.

FAQ 270: What is LJ Talk? How do I use it to communicate with other LiveJournal users?

Because 271 should probably be nuked, 270 needs some revisions. Here's what I propose:

Eliminate the following:

If you don't already have a client that supports Jabber, you can download Gizmo Project for LJ Talk. This program is optimized to work with LiveJournal and offers both instant messaging services as well as voice calls and voiceposting.

Replace with:

While there is no official LiveJournal client for the LJ Talk system, you can download any client which supports the Jabber protocol. You can use your favorite search engine to find these programs. Alternatively, you can download Gizmo Project for LJ Talk. Caution: This software is no longer officially supported by LiveJournal and may not work correctly on all machines or for all users. (Perhaps that actually belongs on the /chat/download page?)

Comments to these changes are appreciated, as this is a significant revision to the FAQ.
Tags: cat-notifs, faq270, faq271, status-resolved

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