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Searching Journals

I'm just finding all sorts of interesting things through today's board work...

FAQ 215: New title and modified content

New Title: How do I search journals or communities? How can I find a particular entry or comment?

LiveJournal does not provide a comprehensive search of your journal's a journal or community's public entries. However, there are a few navigational tools you can use to find old entries or comments.

*skip 2 paragraphs*

You may use the Tags feature or the Memories feature to access entries that you have previously categorized. Both of these features are useful for marking or saving posts in a way that will allow you to find them later. If you have enabled it, you can use LjSEEK to search your journal's public entries (see below).

*skip down to LjSEEK section*

LiveJournal provides access to a search function performed by LjSEEK. If a journal owner or community maintainer has enabled it, you can search your public journal/community entries by clicking on the magnifying glass found on your the User Info page. In order to use this function, If you are wanting to enable LjSEEK on your personal journal, you will need to uncheck the "Search inclusion" option on your Viewing Options page. Since this search function is operated by LjSEEK, rather than LiveJournal, you will need to consult their FAQ if you experience problems using their search tool.

FAQ 164: Suggestions FAQ

If you have an idea for LiveJournal, you should submit it at the Suggestions page. Before you submit your idea, you should read through the </a></b></a>suggestions community, search the community, and use community tags to check for similar ideas. You can also give your feedback about the site.

1) Before making a suggestion, please use the tags to review previous ideas and make sure that someone hasn't submitted your idea before. If necessary, search the community to help ensure you are not submitting a duplicate idea.
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