Connie (intrepia) wrote in lj_userdoc,

More on FAQ #85 and FAQ #202

Can we add a sentence to FAQ #85 about how to find a community if you know its username? This information is available in FAQ #202, but it would be more intuitive for it to be in the "How do I find a community?" FAQ also.

Also, while I'm looking at it, FAQ #202 says:

If you know the LiveJournal username of the person or community you are looking for, you can find their journal by going to the following link, replacing exampleusername with that person's username:


I suggest changing this to say "replacing exampleusername with that person or community's username" (replacing "exampleusername" with "exampleusername" and mentioning communities).
Tags: cat-community, cat-notifs, faq202, faq85, status-resolved

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