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Restructuring Customization: part 2

With the new customize area everything's changing, so the FAQs should change also. This time I'm dealing with the Journal Customization FAQs: list based on my previous post.

How do I customize the look of my journal or community?
Gosh, this one hasn't been updated in more than a year, so it'll need possibly the heaviest rewrite. The simple section uses horribly convoluted language, but otherwise doesn't need to change. Suggest the rest of the FAQ deals with how the Journal Display page is laid out, and emphasises that most of the finer tweaks are accessed in the "next step" by clicking the button at the bottom of the page. Tweaks such as:

How do I change what my comment links say?
How do I add a title and subtitle to my journal?
How do I edit my journal's "Blurb" or "About This Journal" free text area?
How do I change the number of journal entries per page?
How do I add or edit a Link List?
We don't need these, so let's eliminate them and create:

What can I easily customize?
Five FAQs rolled into one, oh boy! Reasoning is that it's so dead simple in the new system to find these tickyboxes/text fields/pop-up menus that we don't need an FAQ for each option, rather an FAQ that spells out to the user where they can find these options in the first place. Yes?

How do I change the appearance of my comment pages or other users' comment pages?
Minor edit here: title of the Custom Options page.

How do I see community userpics on my Friends page?
I'd like to see the stats on how often this FAQ's referenced, because I'd be all for eliminating it. The option's right there no matter which style system the user's in.

Why can't I use certain styles or customization options?
De-emphasise S1 here, even go as far as renaming it "the old style system". Bit of reordedring.

Why can't I use HTML embedding tags, JavaScript, or Flash on LiveJournal?
This is one of the few that'll see no change, as it really has nothing to do with the new interface.

Which options are supported by each public layout?
This'll need someone just to verify the information, given the hundreds of new layouts available.

How do I change the font used for my entire journal?
How do I add a background image?
In Custom CSS. Will obviously need to keep their own separate FAQs given the "complexity" involved.

How do I add a counter and track visitors to my journal?
Still worth its own FAQ, can remain unchanged aside from the elimination of S1 info.

Thoughts welcome on all of these.

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