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FAQ Changes: 10 July 2002

The following FAQ changes have been made, to add additional information as necessary:


"Yes, this can be done for you. *However at this time, username changes are temporarily unavailable. The system for username changes is currently being redone." --> "No, not at the moment. The system for username changes is currently being redone."

Added: "If you want to keep your journal secure from someone who has found your username, see "Can I make my whole journal Friends-Only or Private?" (http://www.livejournal.com/support/faqbrowse.bml?faqid=120) for information on setting the security level of all your past posts."


para 5: append "The security feature of memories is different than the security feature of entries. If you mark a Friends-Only post a Public memory, people who are not authorized to read that post will still not be able to read it."


Add: "You will need to have access to a previously validated email address in order to receive your username and/or password. For security reasons, LiveJournal cannot send your password to an email address that has not been validated for that account."


Add: "In order to choose a different userpic, you must be logged on when you post a comment or make an entry."


Add: "Only the last 75 entries can be displayed on your Recent Events page, to lighten the load on LiveJournal's servers. If you wish to read older entries, you can read them from the calendar page."

Hopefully I'll get to the rest of the changes I wanted to make later today, but for now, my poor carpal-tunnel-afflicted hands are killing me, so it's off to do something that doesn't involve typing.

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