Dominic C (phamster) wrote in lj_userdoc,
Dominic C

FAQ #127, again

Yeah, I know. I poked this FAQ only a few hours ago, but when reading FAQ #127, I notice that the final paragraph doesn't read well.

Usernames of suspended accounts are never available for reuse. Because suspensions are used in situations where the LiveJournal Terms of Service have been violated, suspended accounts are permanently frozen in that state. Furthermore, because some suspensions are only temporary, such usernames cannot be released for use by others.

To my mind this paragraph gives the impression that all suspensions are permanent because they all involve TOS violations. This is fine but then it goes onto say that 'because some suspensions are only temporary', which then doesn't quite add up.

I also feel it might be worth trying to work into the paragraph something that indicates that 'suspension' can be a transitory state, and make it easier to infer that a previously suspended account could be renamed, if after the suspension it was deleted and purged.

Hence I'd like to suggest that this is reworded, possibly to...

Accounts are never available for reuse whilst they are suspended. This is because permanently suspended accounts will never be deleted and temporarily suspended accounts will be used again by the original owner once their suspension ends.

though obviously, adjust to suit yourselves :-)
Tags: cat-accounts, faq127, status-resolved

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