Dominic C (phamster) wrote in lj_userdoc,
Dominic C

Faq #164

Faq #164 is slightly broken. All links to the 'Suggestions' page now seem wrong. It appears that in the past this page contained information on how to make a suggestion, but now they don't. Instead you're greeted with a multiple choice 'Contact Us' form.

In short all links to should probably become links to , with appropriate changes to the link text.

As far as FAQ #164 is concerned I think that means

If you have an idea for LiveJournal, you should submit it at the Suggestions page.

needs it's link changing and

2. Read the posting guidelines on the Suggestions page, and submit your idea using the Suggestion Proposal Generator.

either needs completely removing, or the 'posting guidelines' need to be rewritten somewhere and linked to.

I'd suggest the suggestions userinfo, but alas, it too has a link to the infamous I'm submitting ideas for that to change separately. If the guidelines don't appear on the UserInfo or the new 'contact' chooser, they should perhaps be at the head of the 'suggestions generator'.
Tags: cat-about, faq164, status-resolved

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