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Customization FAQ overhaul, Part One

Blessings and ascii hearts go out to jc for all his work in coordinating this, and to phamster and prissi for their help as well. There's still more to go, but this is what I've got the drafts and the hand energy to get up tonight. (damn it is hard to type in wrist braces! breaking bad ergonomic habits is hard)

As per
* The "Customize" category has been renamed to "Journal Customization"
* New FAQ category: "Advanced Journal Customization" (cust-adv) takes bits from the old "Customize" and "s2" categories.
* The "Style System 1" category has been renamed to "Customization In the Old Style System"

For a better idea of what went where, just take a look. Again, we're not done with all the individual faqs, but I got the basic organization up tonight.

Individual FAQs that changed:

How do I customize the look of my journal or community?
* total overhaul minimizing S1

Why can't I use HTML embedding tags, JavaScript, or Flash on LiveJournal?
Why can't I use certain styles or customization options?
* sort order changes

How do I change the font used for my entire journal?
How do I change the number of journal entries per page?
How do I change what my comment links say?
* moved to S1 cat, strong urging for user to change to S2

How do I embed my LiveJournal into my website?
* moved to advanced cat

What is the old style system? How do I switch my journal to or from it? (used to be: What are S1 and S2? How do I switch my journal to S1 or S2?)
* moved to S1 cat, given top sort order

How do I customize my journal using S2?
* hidden, superseded by faq 7

What can I easily customize? Which options are supported by each public layout?
* This is the one we wanted to totally overhaul as per this entry. I really hate what I wrote here -- anyone want to take a stab at making this better?

How do I change the appearance of my comment pages or other users' comment pages?
* s1 minimization

How do I add a counter and track visitors to my journal?
* simplification and S1 minimization

How do I add background music to my journal?
* moved to "advanced". (We could use an s2howto on this because right now this is s1-dependent. )

How do I see community userpics on my Friends page?
How do I add a title and subtitle to my journal?
* hidden, superseded by 171
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