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They changed update.bml's title on me from Update Journal to Post an Entry, so I had to go and edit 14 FAQs. Note to higher-ups: it might be time to seriously consider pauamma's proposal, if only to make my life easier as well as the lives of our dozens of translators.

This just serves as a record of what I futzed with: further suggestions relating to these FAQs welcome.

#32: page names and link names changed, de-emphasis of S1.
#222: FAQ title change, page names changed, minor wording changes.
#6: page names changed, made mention of needing to switch to HTML entry to use HTML tags.
#254: page names changed, minor wording changes.
#75, #33, #76, #91, #26, #95, #120, #195, #207: tiniest of word changes.

Rreeeeeeally not that interesting.
Tags: cat-basic, cat-community, cat-entries, cat-scrapbook, cat-security, cat-troubleshooting, cat-userpics, faq120, faq195, faq199, faq207, faq222, faq254, faq26, faq32, faq6, faq75, faq76, faq91, faq95, status-resolved

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