Mister Baltimore (av8rmike) wrote in lj_userdoc,
Mister Baltimore

Tiny additions to FAQs #7 and #171

Judging from the Support requests that have come in since the beta customization area went live, people seem to still be under the misconception that they can't choose themes by layout. I know the text in the search box has the word "layout" in it, but that's not mentioned in FAQ #7. I also think the sentence structure is a little unwieldy. My edits in yellow and red:

"Using this page you can edit your journal's titles, and change its theme. Search for themes or layouts by typing all or part of its name, keyword, color, or by the name of the designer's name into the Search box in the middle of the page.; or You may also pick your theme from one of a number of categories listed down the side of the page or by clicking on the links below the theme previews."

Hopefully my changes are clear enough. For FAQ #171, one addition:
  • Title and subtitle

  • Mood theme

  • Navigation strip options

  • Custom text, such as comment links or free text areas

  • Links List

  • Custom CSS

Are there any layouts left that don't support Custom CSS?
Tags: cat-customize, faq171, faq7, status-resolved

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