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Filter by entry security should be in the FAQ

Filtering by entry security (/security/public, /security/private, /security/friends, /security/group:groupname) is not in any of the FAQs. Therefore, I propose that it be added to FAQ 24, as that is the closest I can find as it deals with security levels in general. I also propose that the title by modified, by adding a second question to more closely reflect the (new) contents.

New title:

FAQ 24: How do I control who can read my journal entries? How do I view only those entries with a certain security level?

New section:

Filtering by Security Levels

If you have a Paid or Permanent account, anyone viewing your journal can filter your entries according to security levels. You can also choose to view only those entries with a particular security level in any journal you view.

You can filter entries by security level by using a URL in the format of, replacing exampleusername with the username of the journal you are viewing, and securitylevel with the appropriate security level. A list of the security levels you can use are as follows:

  • Public:

  • Friends-only:

  • Private:

  • Custom:, replacing groupname with the appropriate name of the custom friends group

This feature should probably be added to FAQ 131: What are the Paid Account benefits? as well (near the "Access to your Friends of Friends list (;" bullet point?):

The wording there could be better. I'm worried that it implies that you can't use security levels when posting your entry; can't figure out how to emphasize the filtering by viewing without making it awkward.
Tags: cat-accounts, cat-security, faq131, faq24, status-resolved

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