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New FAQ in Journal Customization category (based on FAQ 12)

FAQ 12 has been rewritten to cover only S1. Support now gets questions now about how to do this in S2. A new FAQ is needed for the S2, that would cover whatever the S2 section of the FAQ 12 previously covered (probably the list of layouts that support the option to customize fonts and font sizes, and then the CSS stuff for the rest... the CSS stuff can be found in this post.)

Edit: I found the prior edition of the FAQ. It will need to be slightly edited. This is what I propose:

How do I change the font used for my entire journal?

Some system layouts allow you to specify the font used for your journal; some system layouts allow you to specify the font size, in addition to or instead of the font. You can change the font on the Customize Journal Style page; the font settings can be set in the "Fonts" section.

If the layout does not provide font settings, it is still possible to adjust the fonts using 'Custom stylesheet' option located in the "Custom CSS" section.

You can use this CSS rule to change the font in your journal:
body, td, font, div, p {
font-family: "Arial", sans-serif;

If you would also like to change the size of your font, you can include this CSS rule:
body, td, font, div, p {
font-size: 12pt;

You should replace Arial with the name of the font you would like to use and 12pt with the size you would like for your journal.

Paid, Permanent, and Early Adopter accounts can also create a custom theme layer that uses print_custom_head function to add the CSS.

Ideally, the tutorial link should be on using the print_custom_head (as yet unwritten, though I have a draft at
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