Susan: catastrophist since 1982 (daydreamer) wrote in lj_userdoc,
Susan: catastrophist since 1982

linking to FAQs 23 and 134 in FAQ 20 (ban/unban user)

FAQ 20 suggest several times that the user limit anonymous commenting:

"you should also prevent anonymous commenting"

"you may wish to disable or screen anonymous comments"

"it is possible to ban all anonymous comments"

However, the only link to FAQ 23 (How do I control who can post comments in my journal?) is under Further Reading, and there is no link to FAQ 134 (What is comment screening? How do I set my screening options?).

My proposal is to edit the first paragraph to include links as follows:

If you're having problems with a certain user, but you'd still like to allow comments by other people who aren't on your Friends List, you can ban the specific user from posting comments in your journal. To be [more? completely?] effective, you should also disable or screen anonymous commenting.

Tags: cat-comments, faq20, status-resolved

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