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Loyalty UserPics and FAQ #46

Just a few of thoughts about FAQ #46.

I find the following section a bit awkward to read.

  • Paid Accounts: 30 userpics (plus any Loyalty Userpics)
  • Permanent Accounts: 140 userpics (includes maximum number of Loyalty Userpics)

  • It feels odd that positive words ('plus' and 'includes') have been used to describe the loyalty userpics in both cases when actually they have opposite meanings. I'd like to suggest that this change to make it more obvious that the Paid Account number does not have userpics added, or so that it's more obvious that the permanent account automatically includes them all.

    Additionally after the discussions in comments below, I feel that this can be done more simply, by splitting the FAQ up as per its title. The title is "How many userpics can I have? How do I get more?". Therefore I suggest that the first section, only consider userpics that you get without loyalty or add-ons and prehaps be given the subheading "How many userpics can I have?" The rest of the document could tackle the question "How do I get more?"

    I feel two changes would achieve this. Firstly, scrubbing the bracketed explanations against Paid Accounts. The section I quoted above would then read...

  • Paid Accounts: 30 userpics

  • Permanent Accounts: 140 userpics (automatically includes the maximum 40 Loyalty Userpics)

  • Ideally I'd like to scrub the brackets against the Permanent Account as well, but I don't see how this could be done elegantly.

    The second change would be add a subheading "How do I get more?" Before the 'Loyalty Userpics' heading and add in a short explanation that only Paid Accounts can get more Userpics.

    For example....

    Paid Account holders are able to increase their userpic total upto a maximum 140, using the methods explained below.

    This would then leave the FAQ clearly split into two sections, a quick-reference table which explains how many userpics each account is entitled to and a second section explaining how to get more. In addtion the short description will already have specified that the maximum number of userpics is 140, which leads neatly into my second point.

    I find the following description of the number of possible Loyalty Userpics misleading. Particularly as it talks about 'total' userpics directly after a sentence primarily concerned with Loyalty Userpics only.

    You receive an additional userpic for each of the following, up to a maximum of 140 total userpics:

    The total number of loyalty userpics is 40 as far as I'm aware, and I think the FAQ should state that directly. Maybe by saying....

    You receive an additional loyalty userpic for each of the following, up to a maximum of 40 loyalty userpics:

    However, this brings some confusion with it, as the global cap for userpics appears to be 140, although a Paid Account could technically be entitled to 170 (30 base + 40 loyalty + 100 add-on). Presumably this is why FAQ #46 states the maximum of 140 in the way it does, to avoid confusion and ensure that people see the 'total' as being 140. However, I feel that if read without great application of logic it ends up looking as if you can have upto 140 (extra) loyalty userpics, in which case one may assume that you could have upto 270 total. I feel the best way to resolve this may be a further refinement to my first suggestion, by changing the bulleted text to...(struck, with thanks to amanda for pointing out my error)

    The FAQ uses 'Loyalty Userpics' but 'userpics' and 'userpic'. I'm not sure on the capitalisation rules we use, but it seems that if 'Loyalty Userpics' gets leading caps then the other Userpics references should too.

    As I've been making these suggestions it's become obvious to me that after the original bulleted list explaining the number of userpics by account level, the remainder of the FAQ applies purely to Paid Account holders. Perhaps something could be done to make this more obvious. Or perhaps it's possible to use that fact to make the FAQ more readable.
    (Struck, to become part of Thought One)

    (post edit: Sorry for the confusion in my initial write up of these ideas, it seems it wasn't as straight forward as I had thought)
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