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FAQ suggestions: Domain Aliasing

I just answered a question about this in support, so it occurred to me that we could use a FAQ on it. I saw that dottey made a suggestion that this be included in the FAQ and that rahaeli was putting it on her list of things to do, but I haven't seen them posted yet. I think there should be two FAQs that deal with this: one that asks if it can be done and one that deals with how to register a domain and set it up.

First FAQ:

Can I make my domain point to my LiveJournal?

This feature is available to members with paid accounts. While logged in, go to and click “Proceed.” On the next page that comes up, scroll down until you see “Domain Aliasing.” Enter the address of your domain name in the text box.

For this to work, you'll need to arrange to have your domain name's DNS point to LiveJournal’s IP address, which is If you do not have the ability to change this yourself, your web hosting company should be able to make this change for you.

If you need help with registering a domain, click the link below.

(link to different FAQ)

Second FAQ:

How can I register a domain and set it up to point to my LiveJournal?

Domain Monger ( allows you to register domains fairly inexpensively. If you use Domain Monger, you will be supporting LiveJournal, as LiveJournal receives a small referral fee from Domain Monger. However, LiveJournal does not require that Domain Monger be used. Instructions for setting up a domain registered with Domain Monger are below; if you use a different site, their technical support staff should be able to set up the alias for you.

1. Go to:

2. Enter domain name, user name, and password. Click "Manage Domain" button.

3. Click "DNS Plus" link (In the navigation bar labeled "Manage Your Domain").

4. Click "IP Addresses" link.

5. Enter the IP Address "" in the box labeled "Numeric IP" and click the "Add New IP Address link". (Leave box labeled "Name" blank.)

6. Click "Yes" to "Both '' and '' will have the IP"

Directions provided by marcuso

dottey's original suggestion
bradfitz's news post

I just threw those in for reference. Comments, anybody? Oh, FTR the reading level of the first one is 8.0 and the reading level of the second is 8.9.

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