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FAQ 46

Loyalty Userpics are the bane of my existence, I swear. (Well, not really. But it's fun to blame them. And the system is confusing.)

Anyway. FAQ 46 currently says:

* For every three months of paid time you (or another person) purchase for your account at once.

Arie says this -- especially the "at once" -- is inaccurate: the three months doesn't need to be in a single transaction. Or even consecutive.

So, obvious examples:

* one year of paid time, purchased in a single transaction, nets 5 LUs. (four for the three-month blocks, one for the year)
* two transactions of six months each, with no lapse of paid time, nets 5 LUs. (two on the first purchase, two-plus-one on the second)
* two transactions of six months each, with a lapse of paid time, nets 4 LUs (two each purchase, with no consecutive year bonus)

These are consistent with the FAQ as is. But:

* a consecutive year of paid time purchased in 2-month intervals (manually or automatic) still nets 5 LUs by the end. (zero on first purchase; one on second purchase, since it hits three months; one on third purchase, since it hits six months; zero on fourth, one on fifth, two on sixth because of the year bonus)
* a non-consecutive year of paid time purchased in 2-month intervals (i.e. twelve months worth of paid time but with a gap somewhere in there) still nets 4 LUs by the end (zero/one/one/zero/one/one)

The three-month thing carries over not only into different transactions, but across lapses of paid time.

(and a bazillion virtual cookies to arie for letting me pester her about this. <3333)
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