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FAQ 157

What are moderated communities? How do they work?

The "Error Messages" part of this FAQ is outdated. It should reflect the information given in FAQ 212.

Proposed change:

Error Messages

  • "Maximum queued posts for this community+poster combination reached": This error will be shown to a user when the maximum number of entries they can put into the community's moderation queue has been reached. The maximum number is 1 for Basic or Plus communities and 5 for Paid or Permanent communities. The user will not be able to post another entry to the queue until a community moderator has approved or rejected one of their entries already in the queue.

  • "Moderation queue full": This error will be shown to a user when the moderation queue is full. The queue can hold 50 entries for Basic and Plus communities and 100 for Paid and Permanent communities. No one can post new entries until a community moderator has approved or rejected some of the existing queued entries.
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