shiny happy glowy (afuna) wrote in lj_userdoc,
shiny happy glowy

Adding another case to problems logging in

Sometimes, a user is able to log in, but their cookie doesn't persist, which makes it look to them like they never managed to log in at all. (Other times, you have similar symptoms, but it's because they're viewing a cached page -- this is already in FAQ 211).

The question is suited to FAQ 211 ("Why am I having trouble logging into LiveJournal?"), but the answer can be found in FAQ 162 (e.g., cookies.)

I'm thinking of editing FAQ211 to point to FAQ 162 to make this case easier to handle. That could be its own bullet point, or be tacked onto the end of the "Change Browser Security Settings". Hm, possible wording:

If you received no error messages when logging into LiveJournal, but find that you are unable to log in, your browser's security settings for may be may be preventing your login cookie from being set. You should name LiveJournal as a trusted site or manually lower the browser security settings for specifically. Consult your browser documentation for instructions. [[somehow, pointer to FAQ162]
Tags: cat-troubleshooting, faq211, status-resolved

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