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FAQ Changes & Additions: 6/18/02

*cracks knuckles*

Okay. Ladies and gentlemen, this is a nice long post, and it details all the FAQ Lovin'[1] I have performed this evening.

If you made a post suggesting a change recently, check behind the cut to see whether or not I gave you the mad propz you so deserve. Thank you to everyone suggesting changes. I forgot to comment in most of the entries suggesting the changes stating that they had been done. :(

There is much, much more that I want to do. But for now, this will have to suffice, as my hands are giving out again.

  • <lj://faq/97>How do I add a background image?</a> : Changed to remove references to remote loading and replace with references to FAQ130 per suggestion of highway
  • <lj://faq/6>How do I add pictures to my journal entries?</a> : Changed to remove references to remote loading and replace with ref to FAQ130 per suggestion of highway
  • <lj://faq/102>How are Friend Groups created or edited?</a>: Added references to Default View and friend group URLs per suggestion of janinedog
  • <lj://faq/103>How many invitation codes can I generate?</a>: Added information on invite codes not being re-usable per suggestion of erin
  • <lj://faq/91>What is the "Backdate Entry" option, and how do I use it?</a>: Removed references to community journals per suggestion of dottey and added reference to backdating not working in community journals. Added reference to the fact that entries dated in the future must have the Backdate option turned on or user will not be able to post normally.
  • <lj://faq/114>What happens to my paid account when it expires?</a>: Edited to mention that custom mood themes are still usable, and mood themes and styles are not editable, per suggestion of asciident. Cleaned up a runon sentence while I was at it.
  • <lj://faq/117>Someone broke into my LiveJournal account!</a> : Completely rewrote this FAQ so that it was accurate, with instructions to contact the abuse team if the email address has been changed. Abuse will then investigate to see if the changed email address was validated. Answer based on phrasing from jillw.
  • <lj://faq/2>Can I edit a journal entry I wrote?</a>, <lj://faq/3>Can I delete a journal entry I wrote?</a>, <lj://faq/126>Can I delete all my entries but keep my username?</a>, <lj://faq/120>Can I make my whole journal Friends-only or Private?</a>, <lj://faq/119>Can I edit/delete an entry in a community journal?</a> : all now contain pointers to FAQ 133

  • Added: <lj://faq/129>"Can I forward my domain to my LiveJournal?"</a> in Paid Accounts based on text from chaoticgoodnik
  • Added: <lj://faq/130>"Does LiveJournal host images?"</a> in Additional Features based on text from highway
  • Added: <lj://faq/131>"What are the paid account benefits?"</a> in Paid Accounts based on one of my support answers. Checked with a bunch of people to see if I was missing any features. I'm sure I am; if I am, let me know.
  • Added: <lj://faq/132>"Can I view LiveJournal in my native language?"</a> in Site Navigation containing text from support answers by braindrain and Yrz Trly.
  • Added: <lj://faq/133>"How do I set my default text encoding?"</a> in Site Navigation based on a support answer by Yrz Trly combined with information from post to news.

Moved the following FAQs into the new "Paid Accounts" category. No links 'cuz I'm lazy. :)

What's a paid account? How do I get one?
How can I buy a paid account for somebody else?
What happens to my paid account when it expires?
What are the fast servers?
What is the directory?
How do I check my LiveJournal email address?
How do I add a poll into my journal entries?
How does the text messaging feature work?
How do I make a custom style?
Why can't I use JavaScript or Flash in my styles?
Custom Mood Themes (renamed "How do I make a custom mood theme?" for parallelism)

[1] FAQ Lovin' may be illegal in your jurisdiction. Please check with your local authorities before performing any acts of FAQ Lovin'.

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