shiny happy glowy (afuna) wrote in lj_userdoc,
shiny happy glowy

Ability to set width and height on lj-embeds

Now that we can set width and height on lj-embeds, FAQ268 should probably be updated to state how. Not suggested wording:

<lj-embed id="xx" width="xx" height="xx">
  <!-- embedded media code goes here -->

  • id is automatically assigned by LiveJournal. Do not edit this value or try to add it
  • width is a number you can use to specify the width in pixels
  • height is a number you can use to specify the height in pixels

If you do not specify a width or height, a default value (based on the object's dimensions plus predetermined padding) will be assigned automatically. If you enter an invalid value for width or height, it will take what it can; else an automatically calculated value will be used. E.g., width="a450" would discard the user's width; width="450a" would set the width to 450. (This part probably doesn't need to make it to the FAQ, but could be useful for other documentation)

And possibly also some text about how this relates to the embed media button? (You can't change the dimensions using that, since all that does is wrap the current media in lj-embed)
Tags: cat-entries, faq268, status-rejected

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