FunBux™ Commissioner (gerg) wrote in lj_userdoc,
FunBux™ Commissioner

FAQ 210: Should add something about disabling extensions

The plague of requests in web re: the Yahoo Music Player broken icon thing was solved in IRC tonight thanks to marcelle42. We ended up figuring out it was due to the FoxyTunes FF extension.

Because a lot of issues lately seem to have been caused by extensions (and I'm really getting sick of typing out the disable extensions spiel), I propose we add a section to FAQ 210, probably above the "Spyware" section:

Browser Extensions - Some browser extensions may cause LiveJournal pages to display improperly. Please try using an alternate web browser with no extensions (like Internet Explorer or Safari), temporarily disabling your extensions, or running your browser in "Safe Mode".

That way, 210 is more complete and if people really do it it eliminates another cause of issues.

Another big kudos to marcelle42 for solving this :D
Tags: cat-troubleshooting, faq210, status-resolved

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