lied_ohne_worte (lied_ohne_worte) wrote in lj_userdoc,

Grammatical inconsistencies in FAQ 7

FAQ 7 has some slight wording issues:

Search for themes or layouts by typing all or part of its name, keyword, color, or the designer's name into the Search box in the middle of the page.

-> I guess this should be either singular or plural; now it's both. As for the content: I wouldn't describe that search box as being in the middle of the page - I'd look for it in the center, according to the description.


Added: It also says

If you see the message This style system is no longer supported on the Journal Display page

Actually, it says: "The S1 style system is no longer supported". Want to find out more about LJ than you ever wanted? Go translate something! ;-) Also: Which page does "Journal Display page" refer to? Those pages have been renamed so often that I've lost track. But should this maybe be changed to whatever we're calling the page this week?

Oh, I keep finding small things, so here's another one:

select your community from the Work as user: box and click Switch

On the main customisation pages, it's a "Switch to" box and a "Go:" button.
Tags: cat-customize, faq7, status-resolved

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