Susan: catastrophist since 1982 (daydreamer) wrote in lj_userdoc,
Susan: catastrophist since 1982

FAQ 120 and 234 update to reflect R34

Per the latest release, the following sentence in FAQ 120 is no longer accurate:

When you change the minimum security level of your journal, the journal update Interface (Post an Entry page, a downloadable client, a voice post, or a post by email) will appear to default to 'Public', but LiveJournal will automatically change the security of the entry to your default level.

I don't know whether this is still the same for other posting methods, but the part about the Post an Entry page should definitely be changed to explain that the less restrictive options will be greyed-out instead.

ETA: This affects FAQ 234 as well:

Setting the minimum security level of the community will not affect the interface for updating the community, whether through the web interface, or a downloadable client – the interface will still appear to default to Public.
Tags: cat-comm-manage, cat-security, faq120, faq234, status-resolved

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