lied_ohne_worte (lied_ohne_worte) wrote in lj_userdoc,

Suggestions for FAQ 286, and a coding error

FAQ 286 - the "Cyrillic Services" one has a coding error; I also have some wording suggestions.

The URL contains the value (is that what you call it?) "taret=_blank" - I assume it should be "target=_blank".

Also, the linked page is not titled "Settings", but rather "Viewing Options".

As for wording: I'd suggest adding some articles to the things listed in brackets in the first sentence; that is: "the Lanzelot viewing style" and "the Yandex.Money payment system".

In the third paragraph I would remove the "-" before "and", but add a "the" before "I would like to receive".

There could also be a "the" before both "My guest"s in the last paragraph, I suppose.
Tags: cat-levels, faq286, status-resolved

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