Mister Baltimore (av8rmike) wrote in lj_userdoc,
Mister Baltimore

FAQs 132 & 188

Some recent support requests exposed what I believe to be deficiencies in two of the FAQs, specifically:

1) FAQ #132 does not address internationalization in journal styles, only the site pages. We all know that i18n layers are technically part of the Customization section, which is why the option is located there. However, if a user wants to change the language of their journal page and is looking through the FAQs, the first place they're going to look is a FAQ titled "How do I view LiveJournal in a different language?".

Since "Language used for comment links, navigation links, and dates" is mentioned in FAQ #171, here is a proposed addition to FAQ 132, highlighted:

Setting your language only affects LiveJournal system pages; individual journal entries will always appear in the poster's language. However, you can change the language for system links and dates in your journal. Additionally, not all system pages can be translated, and not all translatable pages have been translated into every available language.

2) For a Basic/Plus user looking for help with adding extra content, FAQ #188 is the one usually given. However, a persistent user recently pointed out that the directions for Basic/Plus are a little lacking. All it says is that counter code can be added to layouts that support it, and a link to those layout, but no actual directions how. There's a link to FAQ #213 (free text option) as an alternative place to add counter code; that FAQ has a link to the Customize Options page and directions where to find the option.

Proposed wording:

Basic & Plus accounts: You can add counters to your style iIf your layout supports counter code, you can add it via the "Presentation" section on the Customize Journal Style page. Alternatively, you can add the counter code within a free text area in your layout.

(Note the missing "a" in the last sentence.)

Any comments?
Tags: cat-customize, cat-features, faq132, faq188, status-resolved

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