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FAQ 8 wording suggestion

The last sentence of FAQ 8 states "If you wish to move entries between accounts, you may be interested in renaming one of the accounts, importing entries from another journaling site or combining LiveJournals," and the words "combining LiveJournals" link to FAQ 199, which says "you can't combine two journals but here's how you update two journals without logging out," which doesn't apply to the concern the user would have had when they went to research FAQ 8.

Similarly, the words "importing entries from another journaling site" link to FAQ 195 which says "there's no easy way to import entries from another site, repost them individually instead."

I suggest changing the last paragraph of FAQ 8 to read as follows:

"The files created by the Export Journal page cannot be used to import journal entries back into your journal or into another LiveJournal account. If you wish to re-post any entries that you have downloaded, you will need to post them individually to the desired journal." (and possibly link something in the last clause to FAQ 222).
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