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Two suggestions.

I have two suggestions for additions to FAQ's; if you think one or both are bad ideas, just post a comment to say so.

(1) To FAQ #8: Can I download my entire journal?, I think a brief comment should be added to the effect of, "Comments will not be downloaded," or if this is/may be a temporary thing, then something to the effect of, "At the moment, it is not possible to download comments, only entries themselves."

(2) To FAQ #120: Can I make my whole journal Friends-only or Private?, I think a brief note should be appended to the third paragraph stating that setting the defaults as described will not affect entries posted using the web client (in other words, it is not LiveJournal itself, but merely the client, that stores the default settings). Hopefully, if someone makes this change, it's someone better than I am at wording things. . . . ;-)

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