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FAQ #106

With the advent of read-only mode, FAQ #106 needs a quick update in case people go to the FAQs to figure out why their journals were made read-only. A more thorough update is forthcoming following internal discussion, but for now, I propose:

- The title be updated to "My account has been suspended or placed in read-only mode! How can I get it back?"

As for the text:

If you have not received an email explaining your suspension or read-only status, you can visit the Report Abuse form and select the option My journal was suspended or placed in read-only mode / I received a communication from the Abuse Team. Please include your username, and be sure that you are writing from the email address that is currently validated or has been validated on your LiveJournal account.

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Account suspensions and read-only status are generally used by the Abuse Prevention Team as a last resort. In most cases, a user will be provided with an opportunity to delete any content that is in violation of the Terms of Service before his or her account is suspended or placed in read-only mode. Immediate suspensions are done for certain reasons, including but not limited to:

* Denial of Service attacks,

* account break-ins,

* violation of a previous Abuse Prevention Team directive,

* and journals where all material is a violation of the Terms of Service.

If your journal has been suspended or placed in read-only mode, you should check the email account used for LiveJournal to see the warning or the explanation. If you haven't received any warnings by email, your email account or Internet Service Provider may be blocking email from LiveJournal.

For security purposes, the Abuse Prevention Team cannot communicate regarding a journal unless you are writing from the email address that has been validated for that journal. In some cases, particularly those involving a dispute about the identity of the legitimate owner of a journal, we may require you to write from the address that was first validated on your LiveJournal account.

The Abuse Prevention Team will respond as quickly as possible to any suspension- or read-only-related inquiries; in some cases it may take several days, depending on volume. Please do not open multiple requests, as this will only serve to delay the process.

In most cases, users whose journals have been suspended will be unsuspended and provided with a limited time window in which to correct the violations of the Terms of Service. However, some suspended or read-only journals will not be reinstated for certain reasons, which include but are not limited to:

* journals created solely for abuse,

* journals where all material is a violation of the Terms of Service,

* journals belonging to users with an extensive history of abuse,

* and journals created to circumvent directives of the Abuse Prevention Team.
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