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draft of the new FAQ on LiveJournal.app

here's the key information about new LiveJournal.app (client for iPhone) that have to be made into an FAQ. thanks for your help!

LiveJournal.app allows you to post new entries to your LiveJournal and receive/send personal messages.

Key features:

  • Posting to your journal or communities you are a member of;

  • Tags selection with suggestions;

  • Security and Userpic selection for each entry;

  • Any of these entry pereferences may be set as default;

  • Adding photos from Library/Camera;

  • Location detection (can be turned off), link to Google Maps;

  • Location text may be used simultaneously with detected coordinates;

  • LJ-user, LJ-cut, Bold, Italic and Strike formatting menu;

  • Personal messages (Inbox) grouped by user like chat or SMS;

  • Auto-save if application is closed by pressing home button or taking incoming call.

We are currently working on version 0.6 that will include the following additional features:

  • access to friends' list with images;

  • editing your own entries;

  • ability to save several unfinished entries.

The application is free, to install it please visit the AppStore, then press "GET APP" button and synchronize LiveJournal.app with your iPhone.

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