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Changes to 262 & 263

Reposting from here:

How about we rename 262 to "Why are there ads on LiveJournal? Can I remove ads from my journal?", and rename 263 to "What are the Plus Account Benefits? How do I switch to or from a Plus Account?"

Then, we can move "Users with Early Adopter or Basic Accounts can join or leave the Plus level at any time, and Plus Accounts may switch to Basic. To change your community's account level, use the Account link on the Manage Communities page. Paid and Permanent accounts and communities cannot switch to the Plus level." from 262 into the bottom of 263.

Above the last paragraph in 262, we could then add "
Removing Ads

It isn't possible to remove advertising on LiveJournal other than by changing your account level. The only way to ensure that no advertising is ever displayed on your journal or profile page is to upgrade to a Paid Account. Additionally, users with Paid Accounts who are logged in to LiveJournal see no advertising anywhere on the site."
Tags: cat-levels, faq262, faq263, status-resolved

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