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Azure Jane Lunatic

Unavailable usernames: rename with forwarding does not seem to mention that usernames that are actively forwarding as the result of a rename are unavailable (although mentions it in passing). This general concept was brought up before about the problem of a rename redirecting to a deleted-and-purged account needing breaking, but that was rejected due to the specific case being rare. However, questions do come up about forwarding registered accounts being unavailable (there was one in today), so I feel this deserves reconsideration, and it's been a couple years.

Proposal: add "Forwarding Accounts" to the list of Registered Accounts in 127:

Forwarding Accounts: Usernames of renamed accounts that have chosen to forward visitors from the old username to the new username are not available, as the old username must remain active to forward visitors as long as the renamed account exists.
Tags: cat-accounts, faq127, faq25, status-resolved

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