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Possible change to FAQ #72.

How do I make text bold, italic, or centered?

Would it be worth thinking about adding colored text to this? There are usually a few requests a week about how to color only a few words in an entry, or how to make 'rainbow text'. IMO it's in the same category as bolding, italicizing, or centering, in that it's a relatively easy, HTML-tag-based text effect.

I understand that this is starting to add a lot into a single FAQ, plus it may spark more debates about whether to tell users to <font> or to <span>, but thought it was worth suggesting.

[Of course, I'd probably change the title some something like "How do I do basic text effects" and include <marquee> and its disclaimer, too, since we get enough questions about that. Bold, italic, centered, colored, or scrolling -- and then just point the users to the FAQ about all of it. Anything else isn't really 'basic' and could stay in the support requests.]

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