Melissa (asciident) wrote in lj_userdoc,

Hex Code (color) Chart

It has been suggested repeatedly that LiveJournal should have it's own hex code chart reference, rather than referring users to offsite sources.

I've now finished up a draft of a (somewhat limited) color chart and put it on my goathack. I say limited because there are only 216 listed colors (out of the 16.7 million possible). However, this should be useful enough for Support's purposes at this time.

The chart is located at

If you wish to add to the chart, you'll need to email me (or a possible future maintainer should I hand over this project) a full 36-color set of columns (which is the number of colors each set of columns has), and if possible in this stylistic format (no, it doesn't technically make a difference, but it saves me from having to reformat it):

      <td class="charthead">Hex Code
      <td class="charthead">Color

     <tr class="chart">
      <td bgcolor="#99FFFF"> 


     <tr class="chart">
      <td bgcolor="#990000"> 

Any revisions, comments, questions, complaints, etc. should be left in a comment to this post.

Many thanks to both eefster for gathering all the colors and making the first draft, and to maria_gorbatova for cleaning up some of the HTML

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